Are you looking to amplify and focus your organization's positive impact? The Ethical Growth approach takes a holistic look at your organization's operations and business model, and incorporates multiple ethical considerations including social and economic justice, climate/environment, and technology/privacy. Separate orientation sessions are available on these ethical issues before workshops, with a welcoming learning environment where you can freely ask good-faith questions without judgment.

Ethical Growth workshops and coaching sessions help you feel grounded and confident in making ethical changes to your organization. It's easy to be stuck in guilt, fear, and helplessness around the ethical mess the world is in, but that doesn't help us change things! You're willing to face up to difficult truths, and make meaningful, material changes to how you operate. Our workshops and coaching sessions help you put this into concrete plans and do-able actions.

You can work with Ana in dynamic group workshops, which give you a chance to network and connect with other future-focused leaders, or in individual coaching sessions.

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